Tissue Practice Lab Practical

Below are the answers to the lab practical practice test. Write the ones you miss down, so you can go back and re-examine them.


1b. various locations: any place we store fat, or need it as padding

2a. Smooth Muscle

2b. most internal organs which create motion, like the stomach or intestine


3b. within the arteries, veins, and capillaries, as well as the heart

4a. Elastic Cartilage

4b. ear and nose


5a.Cardiac Muscle

5b. the heart


6b. the skeletal system

7a.Simple Columnar Epithelium

7b. lining organs which transport large numbers of materials by varied methods, ie. intestines

8a.Fibrous Cartilage

8b. vertebral discs or meniscus of the knee

9a. Hyaline Cartilage

9b. lining most joints of the body, for instance the fingers

10a. Pseudostratified Epithelium

10b. stomach or the upper respiratory tract

11a. Nerve

11b. brain or spinal column

12a.Regular, Dense Connective Tissue

12b. tendons and ligaments

13a. Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

13b. areas which transport materials by varied mechanisms, such as glands or kidney tubules

14a. Skeletal (striated) Muscle

14b. muscles of movement, attached to the bones

15a.Simple Squamous Epithelium

15b. the lining of blood vessels or the alveoli of the lung

16a.Areolar (loose) Connective Tissue

16b. packing around structures such as glands and organs, holding them in place

17a. Stratified Squamous Epithelium

17b. the skin or other coverings needing protection from abrasions

18a.Transitional Epithelium

18b. organs which need to be elastic, expanding as they fill, such as the urinary bladder

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